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    • Rebirth- The Phoenix


      The Phoenix as we all know regenerates from its ashes. Most people would connect with this painting, as we have some way or the other regenerated from some sort of dark times and move into a brighter and fresh world. Color: Red, Blue , Orange Size: 18 X 24 Price: 600 Checkbox: Available for gallery pickup

    • Harmony


      Harmony, balance and peace. The piece includes a black frame. Color: Orange and black Size: 23” x 29” Price: 600.00 Checkbox: Available for gallery pickup

    • Diversity


      One in a series of 3 contemporary designs that tell the story of Diversity.  When two opposite yet similar sides join as one image the diversity creates a strong and unique beauty.  Mixed media on wood panel. Color: Magenta, Blue Size: 36" x 36" Price: 1165 Checkbox: Available for gallery pickup

    • Our Global World


      Our Global World – Set of Three. This art tells the story about planet earth which is shared by many countries, many cultures and many humans.  For this reason it is important to be united and have compassion for one another as well as work together to take care of the planet we share.  Love earth! Color: crimson, blue and…

    • Collaborate


      Original Contemporary Painting – Collaborate a set of two gallery wrapped canvas paintings.  Mixed Media.  Each canvas is 36″ x 48″.  This art tells a story of two similar but different sides working together to create one beautiful image.  Circles symbolize the universe and eternity.  Vines are intertwined in and around the circles pulling them together to create a far…

    • Green Circle


      Graphic design circle with green organic elements.  The circle symbolizes the universe and the greenery symbolizes life and organic energy.  This art brings a modern feeling to any room and adds texture and good energy from greenery.  This is watercolor and ink on archival paper. Color: Green Size: 36" x 36" Price: 395 Checkbox: Available for gallery pickup

    • Optimism


      Optimism original oil painting is 36″ x 48″ on gallery wrapped canvas.  This contemporary art encourages a focus on positives and creating solutions.  With the circles symbolizing the universe and global ideas the viewer see’s a big picture.  The bright vibrant colors create good energy.  The vines moving and intertwining symbolize the constant change in life and the need to…

    • Ethereal Blooms


      Ethereal Blooms – alcohol inks on liquid art 8×10 in. multimedia panel. Price: 155

    • Interconnect


      Interconnect, acrylic, watercolor and collage on 6×9 in. watercolor paper, matted in white frame. Price: 155

    • Les Fleurs


      Les Fleurs – Alcohol inks on 11×14 in. Yupo paper., matted in 16×20 in, floater frame with Museum Glass®. Price: 500

    • Bold


      Bold – acrylic on 6×9 in. watercolor paper, matted in green frame. Price: 155

    • “New Country”


      “New Country” is an Abstract Expressionist acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas. Color: Blue, pink, green Size: 20" x 20" x 1.5" Price: 750.00 Checkbox: Available for gallery pickup

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