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We are excited about our spring exhibition, New Way Forward, with new works from the artists of Blue Dragon Fine Art Gallery. The artists will explore how they have carved their own path with their art through all that we have experienced over the past few years. The spring provides the opportunity for new beginnings which will be captured in the original works from the artists.  Join us for our opening reception on April 15th and meet the artists. We’ll have music, wine, and refreshments for an enjoyable time of art and conversation.

Art Chats

We are excited about the upcoming opening reception for our New Way Forward Exhibition. We will have three Art Chat sessions where you will get to hear directly from the artists.

• Art Impacting a Community- Understand the artists’ perspective on how art changes a community- 5:45 pm

• Carving Their Own Path Forward- Learn about the creative processes from the artists and how they made their works- 6:30 pm

• Evolution: Becoming an Original- Hear from the artists about their artistic backgrounds and how their styles have changed impacting their art today- 7:00 pm


Participating Artists:

  • Andrea Lamarsaude
  • Belinda Dahleimer
  • Edwin Fuller
  • Jenny Hong DeLaughter
  • Jenny Keller
  • Kathy Mackey
  • Lauren Smith
  • Paula Radvansky
  • Patricia Saada Baumann
  • Pooja Taneja
  • Tonda Howard
  • Vance Nappier

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