Artist: Belinda Dahlheimer

Size: 24 x 18

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About the Artist


Author : Belinda Mathews

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“Pomona” Goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchids and is the spirit of fresh fruit, especially apples. Her name derives from the Latin word “pomum” similar to the French pomme or “apple.”  She is not just a gardener or orchid keeper. Apples were considered sacred fruit associated with love, magic, and death:  all are under Pomona’s domain.

Acrylic on canvas

Colors:  yellow, indian yellow, pink, turquoise, red, green, blue and white

Size:  24×18

Price:  275.00

  • Yellow, Indian yellow, turquoise, red, blue, pink, and white
  • 24 x 18
  • 275.00
  • Available for gallery pickup

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